Cultural Humility: Not Your Mothers Cultural Diversity Class (Full Day)

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Not Your Mothers Cultural Diversity Class

This is a Queer focused introductory presentation/workshop to introduce the concepts of cultural humility, Brave Space vs. Safe Space and the potential benefits of bringing your whole self to the workplace.

American attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community have and continue to shift, as has language around sexuality and gender. New words have been born; other words have changed meanings and usages, and depending on age, race, gender, socio-economic status, region etc., what is acceptable for one demographic may be insulting to others.

Add to this the important concept of intersectionality and many of us are feeling left out of these conversations; a conversation that we may feel that we may not have the vocabulary for. As we shift away from “cultural competence” to the more culturally aware practice of becoming culturally humble citizens, it is time to examine how our own upbringing and beliefs affect how we work with and interact with those who are different from us and our families.

This session will introduce new concepts and vocabulary and allow participants to ask and wrestle with the questions that they may not have felt comfortable asking or that they didn't even realize they had.