Moving Beyond: Exploring Cultural Humility and Diversity (Full Day)

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Moving Beyond: Exploring Cultural Humility and Diversity

This is a full day (or half) training and is intended for participants somewhat familiar with the concept of cultural humility. Specific content will be developed prior to the workshop based on the stated needs and concerns of the organization.

In this interactive workshop participants will explore how their own identities and cultures affect their workplace interactions.

Participants will be asked to share their questions and concerns, which will be addressed during the first half of the presentation, followed by facilitated conversations which will end in either a role playing exercise or a (small) group project designed to help develop strategies to employ when interpersonal or intercultural conflicts arise. The goal of this session is to help participants identify and navigate their personal beliefs while committing to their responsibilities as a member of a larger community as well as offer concrete actions to incorporate into their current work culture.