Help us put a LABYRINTH in the North End!

Hello Beautiful HUmans!

Our community needs a contemplative space for reflection!

We are in Week 3 (of 5) of our "crowd-granting" campaign to install a labyrinth in the North End of Hartford, at the Sterling Street Sanctuary & Nature Reserve.

Individuals and groups can find out more info & help our campaign here:

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Your Corporate or Non-profit membership will allow your corporation to participate in our community programming including workshops and activities that will lead to the creation of organic, inclusive environments that we will support.  Depending on your membership level you will have opportunities for private consultations, use of meeting and activity space, custom trainings, monthly Cultural Humility conversations and regular group trainings.

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 The recent events that are currently affecting us all have forced the KCC to close the doors and learn new ways to hold, support and continue to create community.
Please help us "keep the doors open" while we navigate these challenging and  changing times.

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What is cultural humility?

Cultural humility involves an ongoing process of self-exploration and self-critique combined with a willingness to learn from others. It means entering a relationship with another person with the intention of honoring their beliefs, customs, and values. It means acknowledging differences and accepting that person for who they are.

Why is your approach from a black queer perspective?

Because we are Black and queer. LOL, we are naming our approach as an Afrocentric Black and Queer approach in the understanding that the majority of community spaces are Eurocentric white cisgender heterosexual spaces, without the words attached.

Here at the KCC we name our approach because:

A) We’re proud of who we are, where we came from and how those paths shaped us.

B) As old current and emerging research (and every day observations) shows, not only do Black children thrive when cared for and educated by other Black folks, ALL students benefit from education provided by Black teachers.

C) We believe that all people can benefit from participating in and being exposed to new and diverse ways of being. In Black queer culture you will find love and acceptance and an understanding of extended family that extends beyond our queerness and through our Blackness. We’ve played with gender and sexuality since we’ve been and be it Mom’s Mabley or Bessie Smith or RuPaul or Billy Porter, we push the envelope beautifully and with style.

What do you mean by brave space?

Brave Space is where we need to be in order to do the real work of creating community. Safe spaces are necessary places of refuge and we see the KCC as providing that much of the time. However we are stepping into Brave Space by inviting all of the various individuals within our larger communities to come and engage with each other; to share ideas, beliefs and concepts with the understanding that other folks in the rooms and spaces that we create may have vastly different ideas and even core values. Brave Spaces allow us to challenge our own fundamental beliefs by listening to and engaging with other human beings.

Is Kamora's Cultural Corner a non-profit?

NO! The KCC is located in Hartford, CT; a mid-sized capital city with far too many state and federal buildings as well as churches and non-profits are exempt from property taxes. This is not a problem unique to our community, this is an issue for every capital city in our nation and we see the negative effects in our schools, in our infrastructure and in the dwindling city services. We could not, in good conscience come in and remove more property from the tax rolls while saying that we are supporting and building community.

Taxes in our capital city are extremely high, so we actively solicit sponsorships and donations. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing ways to help us support community without removing tax dollars from our community.

How does a membership benefit me and my community?

Welcome to practicing Brave Space! Membership at the KCC means having access to members only events created to being diverse cross-sections of humans together. It means supporting and receiving discounts and benefits from our community partners. It means strengthening the connections with our community partners.

Members get to engage with our community partners through book clubs, community meals and conversations and movies designed to further our work in strengthening community. The connections and collaborations that are already being created between our members and partners are beautiful, and we’re just getting started!